Payasa Lavandinha

Melissa Caminha is a clown, art educator and interdisciplinar researcher since 2005. Also director in several plays and performances, having taught in many courses and workshops for theater students and diverse communities.

Bachelor degree in Law (2001) and Performing Arts (2006). Specialist in Arte Education (2009). Master degree in Visual Arts and Education – University of Barcelona (2011).

Artistic research in performance, mime, physical theater and clown. Theoretic research in social theater, community theater, political activism, performance studies, critical pedagogy, visual culture, arts and education, (post)feminism and queer theory.

Author of several papers about theater, education and clown. Guest speaker and participation in many congress, seminars and festivals. Honor and 1st place award in the Arts for the research Clown Laughter: Political Aspects in Brechtian Poetics. Carequinha Award on Circus Support (promoted by FUNARTE/Petrobras), for the research Female Clowns. Current PhD candidate in Arts and Education at University of Barcelona, with the project Women Clowns, in which develops her first solo show Cunt Clown Show.

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